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Reflect - Refresh - Renew

The TIME-OUT Executive Retreat is a three-day, reflective get-away for mid career executives, managers and professionals who desire to expand their horizons and unlock themselves to greater fulfillment and impact in their service to society. 

The retreat is a highly personalized experience designed to help practiced leaders to address important questions that often remain under the surface: Is this it? Where am I heading with my life?  Why am I here? Can I do things differently?  Is this what I really want? How can I derive more satisfaction from my daily life? How can I find peace?

The program challenges the paradigms and belief systems that have shaped the participants’ perspectives.  It enables them to critically examine their previous ways of looking at things and even your past success.

The program digs deep into issues all leaders face, such as stakeholder analysis, strategy, leading change and the impact of global trends. Our training builds the strategic leadership effectiveness of our participants, providing them with the necessary leadership skills to motivate and boost performance.

For many participants , TIME-OUT marks a transition point into new realm of significance and purpose.  ​With forward-thinking speakers, peer-to-peer networking and in-depth discussions, the retreat provides a chance for leaders to take a proper time-out – to deliberately slow down, quieten their minds, reflect and get new inspiration for their onward journey. 

TIME-OUT is conducted with sensitivity and respect for individual beliefs, experiences and choices that shape people and define their perspectives and beliefs.  The retreat program is divided into five reflective components designed to help participants to introspect and ultimately get to a place where they can hit the “reset button”, enabling them to begin a new season of life defined by joy, impact and balance.