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Raising a New Standard

Lead Africa Foundation works in partnership with churches and Christian ministries in Africa to grow, equip & enrich Christians for ministry in their home churches and communities.

Attention is given to both the pastoral and governance dimensions of leadership, with special focus on relevant strategies and approaches for guiding congregations and ministry communities. This course will focus on the leader’s role in working with a church staff and board, understanding diverse congregational polities, effectively communicating as a leader, fostering a healthy organizational culture, and navigating conflict and change that may arise in these churches and ministry organizations.


Upon completing this course, participants will be able to...

  1. Examine the importance of personal and spiritual formation for leading congregations

  2. Examine various approaches to conflict management and peacemaking

  3. Apply Scriptural messages appropriately to contemporary contexts

  4. Engage and evaluate models and approaches to transformational leadership

  5. Explain and differentiate various approaches to management and administration in ministry

  6. Integrate key course concepts into professional practice

  7. Develop an awareness of the organizational leader’s role in leadership communication

  8. Identify principles for developing and collaborating with church leaders

  9. Differentiate models of church governance and the biblical and theological foundations underlying diverse models

  10. Evaluate the essential elements in the development and fostering of a healthy organizational culture

  11. Examine models and principles for leading organizational change change