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Expanding Leadership Horizons

The Global Africa Leadership Initiative (GALI) is a joint program of Lead Africa Foundation and Market Matters Inc., a New York based

an independent, not-for-profit, international development organization 

an independent, not-for-profit, international development organization dedicated to developing and implementing capacity- and network-building programs that put marketing principles, business strategies, and research findings into practice to foster economic development.  Through a series of workshops and study tours, GALI seeks to inspire, challenge and equip groups of exceptional men and women who run thier own businesses and desire to make a difference in their organizations, communities and wider society.

The process of selecting participants is rigorous and competitive, with the intention of assembling dynamic, diverse and vibrant cohorts of leaders who are already accomplished in their respective fields. 

GALI is a multi faceted learning program, comprising of a flexible modular curriculum and a series of networking and exposure opportunities.  The curriculum has 4, one-week seminars over  the 12 month period and two study tours in different parts of Africa.  It also includes individual or group projects build around contemporary local, regional or global issues intended to challenge participants to think globally and to strive for excellence in their individual roles as leaders. 

Graduates of the GALI Fellowship Program become part of an influential network of like minded professionals. The network enables them to engage in continual dialogue.  It is intentionally designed to challenge members to continually seek practical, African led solutions to real challenges that inhibit progress.