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The Daraja Dialogue is a special initiative of Lead Africa Foundation.  It is an annual gathering of thinkers, decision makers and opinion leaders who come together to talk, listen and engage in a collective reflection on issues that are critical to the well-being of Kenya. The forum seeks to become a credible, non-partisan platforms where people with different positions and interests can engage in constructive, open, mutually respectful dialogue to address divisive public issues. The annual event will involve structured conversations and facilitated networking activities designed to provide opportunities for participants to:

  1. listen with empathy to views and perspectives of people from different persuasions and backgrounds;

  2. engage in constructive, open, mutually respectful dialogue to address divisive public issues;

  3. explore new pathways to addressing the disparities, divisions and corruption that hinder Kenya from becoming a more peaceful, unified nation where all its citizens feel a genuine sense of belonging.

The vision that inspires the Daraja Dialogue is of a Kenya that is resilient, peaceful, progressive and devoid of negative ethnicity, corruption and institutionalized poverty.  The Daraja Dialogue seeks to promote a culture of dialogue as a primary means of addressing Kenya’s challenges.  It seeks to encourage meaningful conversations, as opposed to confrontation, where Kenyans listen to one another and think together as citizens.  


The Daraja Dialogue is organized and governed by the Daraja Council, a panel of influential thought leaders – distinguished men and women representing the diversity of Kenya. The Council serves as a think tank that sets the agenda for the annual Daraja Dialogue and coordinates the research and intellectual content of the event.  It also provides strategic guidance to the Dialogue secretariat, hosted by the Lead Africa Foundation. 


The inaugural Daraja Dialogue will take place in April 2019. Participants will be invited from all over the country and will represent virtually all sectors including business, politics, science, religion, the arts, international affairs and academia.  They will come together to seek common grounds and understanding of the root causes of the disparities, conflicts and indignity that hinder Kenya from rising to its true potential. Ultimately, they will explore practical steps that can be taken to build a more just, inclusive and productive society. The outcome of the dialogue will be broadly disseminated through traditional and social media.