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Transforming leadership

Lead Africa Foundation conducts customized leadership training and coaching for groups, teams and individuals who desire to become agents of positive change in their communities, organizations and wider society.

We are dedicated to awakening, engaging, and supporting the leadership required to create a future for Africa that is more progressive, peaceful and sustainable.

Designed for leaders in the public and private sectors, we offer practical, skill-building workshops, seminars retreats that inspire, challenge and equip leaders for the challenges facing organizations, communities and businesses in Africa.



Founder & Chairman

Lead Africa Founder, Pete Ondeng, is a seasoned executive leader with over three decades of international cross-cultural leadership experience. He is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), trainer, leadership coach, speaker and author of several books including two HOW TO START YOUR OWN SMALL BUSINESS and AFRICA'S MOMENT.



Our TIME-OUT Executive Retreat is a three-day, reflective get-away for mid-career executives; managers and professionals desire to expand their leadership horizons. 

Through guided group discussions, peer-to-peer networking and personal reflection, the retreat provides a chance for leaders to take a proper time-out – to hit the “reset button”, gaining new inspiration and perspective for their onward journey. 

The retreat is a highly personalized experience, challenging the paradigms, values and belief systems that have shaped the participants’ experience.



Enhancing Performance & Impact

Lead Africa provides customized in-house leadership training for businesses and organisations of all types.  
We work with managers, team leaders, supervisors, project managers and those who hold other leadership positions to understand good leadership behaviours, motivate and inspire others and manage conflict in their workplace. 
Our workshops are led by our seasoned facilitators who are expert at carefully tailoring each curriculum to the unique and specific needs of the participants.


    “Africa’s hope lies where most of us, perhaps out of fear, simply choose not to look.”





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